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Diamondback Terrapins


Turtles in Swimming Pools
ALERT for Hatchling Turtles in Swimming Pools - especially diamondback terrapins.

This time of year hatchling turtles are emerging from their nests and attempting to find the body of water their species inhabit. While traveling, they can often end up in unusual places including swimming pool skimmer baskets.


If you find a hatchling turtle, please:

1. Remove the turtle (or other little creature - frog, crab, etc.) and place it in a temporary 'safe' container.

2. If you can positively identify the species, return it to the wild as soon as possible. Diamondback terrapins (DBT) should be set free facing the marsh, whereas yellow-bellied slider turtles should be returned towards a pond edge.

3. If you are unsure of the species, you can take a photo or call the Heron Park Nature Center and they can advise you on the next steps to take. (Nature Center phone: (843) 768-6001 or Kiawah_Recreation@Kiawahresort.com).

4. Because DBTs are a rare population at risk, please get a Data Map report sheet at Town Hall lobby* & mark the location found, date discovered and your name (return to Aaron Given, Assistant Biologist @ Town Hall).


* Or see http://www.wildlifeatkiawah.com/terrapins.html for easy downloading of a Data Map for the section of the Kiawah River you are near - East or West.

The Heron Park Nature Center welcomes your call or even your visit, but advises that these turtles should be returned to the wild.



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