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The newest place for wildlife information is the Wildlife on Kiawah Island web site.  You will find a great deal of photos and information about the wildlife on Kiawah, as well as data on wildlife monitoring projects, and research studies.  Please click here to visit the site.

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Want to learn more about alligators?  Click me!

American alligator

A message from Kiawah's alligators...

Gator gambles article from Town Notes

 KICA staff members Norm Shea, Carrie Manson, and Mike Parrish captured stunning footage of an alligator mother at the nest with hatchlings, including the actual hatching.  Click one of the links below to watch...
mother with nest & hatchlings

babies hatching

You can learn more about bobcats by clicking here...


Marsh Island Bobcat story

bottle-nosed dolphin

Bottle-nosed dolphin

Red-tailed hawk eating a squirrel. This is 7 minutes of the total 1 hour video. Video taken by the KICA Lakes Department, July 31, 2009

Click here to watch (not for the squeamish)...

Red-tailed Hawk

Want to learn more about diamondback terrapins?  Click me!

Diamondback Terrapins

Great horned owl

Want to learn more about loggerheads?  Click me!

Loggerhead turtles

The Turtle Nest

More about loggerheads

Sea Turtle releases on Kiawah


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