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Town of Kiawah Island

21 Beachwalker Drive

Kiawah Island, SC  29455

Phone: (843) 768-9166

Fax: (843) 768-4764


Call the Town of Kiawah to arrange for:

trash collection

recycle service

beach access for vehicles

business license issuance

Kiawah Island Architectural Review Board

253 Gardener's Circle, Suite 200

Johns Island, SC  29455

Phone: (843) 768-3419

Fax: (843) 768-0517


Mailing Address:

130 Gardeners Circle, Suite 123

Johns Island, SC 29455


All residential construction design on Kiawah, including building, remodeling, landscaping, fencing, etc., must be approved by the ARB.

Kiawah Island Community Association

23 Beachwalker Drive

Kiawah Island, SC  29455

Phone: (843) 768-9194

Toll-free: (866) 226-1770

Fax: (843) 768-4019

The Sandcastle
1 Shipwatch Road
Kiawah Island, SC 29455
Phone: (843) 768-3875

Fax: (843) 768-3889

Kiawah Island Property Owners Group

130 Gardener's Circle

PMB 304

Johns Island, SC  29455

Hurricane Preparation
Click here for a list of items to keep on hand, just in case!

Citizens Emergency Response Team


Reducing Liability - click for more information

Volunteer Management Resources: Citizen Corps Volunteer Liability Guide - click for more information

Berkeley Electric Co-op

(to receive electric service)

3351 Maybank Highway

P.O. Box 128

Johns Island, SC  29455

Phone: (843) 559-2458


(to receive phone service)

Phone: (843) 780-2355

Toll-free: (800) 336-0014

Kiawah Island Utility

(to receive water and sewer service)

Johns Island, SC  29455

Phone: (843) 5768-0641


Other Helpful Numbers:

Charleston County Recycling: (843) 720-7111

Bee's Ferry Landfill: (843) 571-0929


Satellite: Direct TV

Phone: (800) 693-3607

Satellite: DISH Network

Phone: (843) 769-6960

Cable: Comcast

Phone: (843) 559-2424

Johns Island Council

Meetings held at the Berkeley Electric Co-op office:

3351 Maybank Highway

Johns Island, SC  29455

Chairman: Chris Cannon (843) 343-5113

Johns Island Post Office

3351 Maybank Highway

Johns Island, SC  29455

Phone: (843) 559-0622

City of Charleston
75 Calhoun Street
Charleston, SC 29401
Phone: (843) 724-3745

Charleston County Council
4045 Bridge View Drive
Charleston, SC 29405-7464
Phone: (843) 958-4700

South Carolina Dept of Motor Vehicles
New residents who plan to drive in South Carolina must obtain a state driverís license within 90 days of assuming residency. Take your current state license, Social Security card, and proof of liability insurance to one of the Department of Motor Vehicle locations shown below. You will have to take a vision test. You may also have to take a knowledge test.

3790 Leeds Avenue, North Charleston

Phone: (843) 740-6168
180 Lockwood Boulevard, Charleston (downtown) Phone: (843) 727-6477

There is a West Ashley location, for SC driverís license (renewal only) located at 1119 G Wappoo Rd. in the Ashley Oaks Plaza.

To register your vehicle in SC for the first time, you must go to the Leeds Ave. or Lockwood Blvd. locations.

Voter Registration
Charleston County Voter Registration Office

4367 Headquarters (off of Leeds Ave.),

North Charleston, SC

Phone: (843) 744-8683

SC State Election Commissionís home page at

For your convenience, you may obtain a form from the Town of Kiawah Island. Registration forms must be witnessed by a registered voter and must be received by Voter Registration at least 45 days prior to the election date. 

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