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Kiawah Island Community Association - The Sandcastle

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Sandcastle welcomes member ideas & interests
Do you have a special talent or interest you would like to share? Individual hobbies, special interests and travel experiences are unique to many members of the association. If you would like to participate in the Sandcastle’s fall or winter programs in the way of leading a class, presentation, or just an informal “sharing time,” please let us know. We welcome your distinctive contributions to our cultural and educational offerings. Please call the Sandcastle at 843-768-3875 or e-mail


(843) 768-3875



Kiawah Island Photography Club

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Are you one of those people who enjoy viewing interesting pictures, want to learn more about how to take better pictures or take more pictures yourself to share? That’s the objective of the Kiawah Island Photography Club. The Club’s goal is to foster the use and appreciation of photography as an art, science and hobby by providing a forum for mutual enjoyment and the development of photographic skills. People of all skill levels who share an enthusiasm for photography in its various forms are invited to join – just have to be a Kiawah Island property owner or a long-term renter. For more information contact Sylvia Bacon via email or call 843-768-8593 or 757-676-2652 cell.



(843) 768-8593 or (757) 676-2652

Town of Kiawah Island Arts Council

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The Town of Kiawah Island Arts Council works to enhance community appreciation and involvement in the visual and performing arts within the Town of Kiawah Island and its environs by providing a diversity of planned programs. All events are open to public and complimentary tickets for most events are available at Kiawah Island Town Hall on a come first serve basis. Ticket release dates are two weeks prior to the event date. For more information call 843-768-9166.


(843) 768-9166

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